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I am updating the Scripts now so that you can Loop the Images! I hope you Enjoy! (8-15-05) This should be done within the next week or so!


OK here it is. It isn't exactly everything Sager has on his but it is a little more simple. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET AND JAVA
It is really easy to use. On the Left is the models. Under some models you have model runs and others don't. We will get into this down below. Once you pick a model, it will show up in this window.

NAM - This is from NCEP. The 00Z run is for the 00Z run and so on. You will see what happens when you click on it.
GFS - This is from NCEP. Same as NAM!

WRF - This is from NOAA Forecast System Laboratory. It has 00Z and 12Z runs. Make sure you hit "CTRL-R" to see if new Graphics are in. With this Model you have:
Precip = Surface Precip with Mean Sea level Pressure and 500 mb Thickness
SF DEW = Surface Dewpoint with Surface winds (great for Drylines)!
SF WIND = Surface Wind direction and Speed
850mb RH = 850 Reltive Humidy and Winds
700 mb VV = 700 mb Vertical Velocity with heights
500 mb VORT = 500 mb Vorticity with Heights
250 mb Wind = 250 MB Winds

NGM - This is from NCEP. Same as NAM

ECMWF - This is from college of DuPage

UKMET - This is from College of Dupage

If you have any Questions, find something that needs fixing or if you want me to display other models from other places Just E-mail me